How do I sync a summary of orders from Amazon?


Connex can pull the Amazon settlement report and sync a single order. The transaction will add the products as line items with the quantity, SKU, unit price, and tax. Optionally, Connex will add the Amazon fees.

Can I sync from Amazon Europe and Canada?

Amazon Canada and Europe use different developer IDs. Please add them, during the sync. For Canada, click here. For Amazon Europe, please click here.

What are the advantages and disadvantages?

There are many advantages:

  1. You sync one order per settlement report, instead of several hundred.
  2. Connex adds the Amazon fees.
  3. It's easier to reconcile and it makes QuickBooks cleaner.

Here are the disadvantages:

  1. You cannot track sales by customer, since you only have a single order.
  2. You can only sync ninety days back.
  3. The sync runs bi-monthly, so you can't see your sales reporting until the next settlement report.

How far back can you sync?

The Amazon settlement report can only go ninety days back. If you need older orders, you can sync individual orders with Amazon directly. As a workaround, you could select summary order in the configure page and choose a one to two week date range. Cloud Cart would summarize them into a single order.

How do I change the sync dates?

  1. Log in to Connex for QuickBooks then select your Amazon Settlement Connection and click Configure.
  2. Expand the menu Sync Manually to QuickBooks.
  3. Enter the last deposit date from the Amazon Settlement Report you wish to sync.
  4. Click Sync Now.

How do I add Amazon Fees?

At the configure page, Expand the Merchant Fees Tab, enter Amazon Fees:

How are shipping and gift wrap fees calculated?

Connex will add line items for shipping and gift wrap, as if you collected sales. If you add Amazon fees, Connex will add the shipping and gift wrap as an expense to cancel it.

What does a sample order look like?

Here is a sample summary sales receipt and a summary refund receipt.

How does Connex calculate the fees from the settlement report?

To get the total deposit, subtract the refund total from the sales receipt total. Please view these sample Amazon Canada orders:

Here is a breakdown:

Name Amount Notes
Product Charges $1084.00  The total of all products sold, excluding their fees. QuickBooks multiples the quantity times the unit price excluding tax.
Promo Rebates $17.02 Total discounts from sales.
Amazon Fees $354.46 All fees, including selling fees. This example sale was the total fees from sales plus the subscription fee of $29.99.
Shipping $51.70 Any income for gift wrap, sales tax, or shipping is separated into line items. The total is $198.97.
Tax $147.27  


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