Can I sync multiple transaction types?


It is possible to sync multiple transaction types for the same order or different types, based on an order status.

Can I sync sales orders and invoices or sales orders, POs, and invoices regardless of status?

These combinations require a single account. At the Connex configure page, there is an option under the transaction drop down:

Connex will create an invoice, payment if paid, purchase order, and sales order for each order.

Based on an order status, can I sync a sales receipt and invoice or a sales order and sales receipt?

You must create two accounts on Connex. Each account is connected to the same website. There are two differences:

  1. The transaction mode, as shown above, will be sales receipts for paid orders.
  2. Under the 'Sync Manually to QB' tab, the order status field will be different for each connection: sync_manually_to_QB_1.jpg

What do I need to create POs?

Your items must have a default vendor and purchase cost. The billing address company from the order should match the vendor in QB. Connex will add the vendor billing address from the QB vendor record. Here is some sample mapping.


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