How do I integrate Avalara?



Since Avalara is managing Sales Tax Payable, there is no need to use QB tax codes. Instead, track the income from sales tax and move it to your sales tax liability account monthly.


On the Connex configure page, scroll down to sales settings. Ensure that add tax as a line item is checked. Connex will create a non inventory item called SalesTax. When an order has tax, Connex will add a line item with the total tax. All lines will say non tax and QB uses the default tax code.

How do I move funds to my Sales Tax liability account?

Here are the steps:

  1. In QB, create a new income account called Avalara Sales Tax Income.
  2. In QB, go to your item list.
  3. Double click the SalesTax item Connex created.
  4. Change the item type to other charge. The cost of goods sold account will disappear: 
  5. Change the income account to Avalara Sales Tax Income.
  6. In QB, go to company and click make journal entries.
  7. Debit Avalara Sales Tax Income and credit your sales tax liability account: 
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