Why do Amazon orders fail to sync?

Wrong Date

By default, Connex maps the Amazon purchase date to QB. You can tell Connex to use the order ship date, which you will see on many Amazon reports. If the order was created on June 20th and you look for it on June 21st, then the order is missing from your report.

On the advanced tab of Connex, scroll down to timezone. Enter your timezone. Amazon sends orders in UTC, so it's possible the order appears tomorrow in your report instead of the day it shipped. The timezone setting will adjust the date to local time.

To prove this theory, you can search for the order manually. Connex places the full Amazon order number in the QB memo field. To search for orders in the memo field, follow these steps:

  1. In QB, press ctrl + F.
  2. Click advanced.
  3. Select memo.
  4. Enter the full Amazon order number.
  5. See if the order exists.

Here is a screenshot of the order in QB.

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