Why are payments failing to sync to QB

Invoice Balance Lower than Payment Total

In the log, check for this error:

Error 3210 : While trying to Add a(n) ReceivePayment with key value of 798042, QB responded The "AppliedToTxnAdd payment amount" field has an invalid value "63.00". QuickBooks error message: You cannot pay more than the amount due. For more info, see http://support.connexforquickbooks.com/hc/en-us/articles/206095018

If the order's total is $62, then you cannot apply a $63 payment. Please confirm there is not another 798042 in QB. It's possible you have a number overlap where orders from a year ago match numbers of new orders, so the matching is wrong.

 - You have a credit on the order in QB, which brings the balance down. The payment is for the full amount.
 - You are applying expenses to QuickBooks invoices, which brings the balance down. You can't do that, until the payment syncs.

Custom Payment Statuses

If the payment method on the order fits this criteria, then Connex marks it as paid:

  1. Credit Card
  2. Debit Card
  3. Cash
  4. PayPal

If you create a custom payment method, like CC, then we only sync it as paid if the order status is completed.

Order is Unpaid

If your orders are unpaid when you sync them, then our software will sync an unpaid invoice to QB. If you pull orders by their modified date and status, Connex can mark them as paid later on. In the order export to QB tab, enter an order status like completed or paid. You'll see some available statuses above the textbox.

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