Orders from QB Fail to Sync


What are the common causes? 

Here are the common causes:

  1. Computer is off or in sleep mode.
  2. Web connector is not running.
  3. Order does not have ShipStation as the class.
  4. Delay. The connector sends us orders and we queue them up. We sync them every fifteen minutes.
  5. Invalid address. If you enter Joe Smith with no address, then the order will fail to sync. 

First, you must stop your scheduled task from running:

  1. On the Connex configure page, click submit.
  2. Go to connexforquickbooks.com/tasks.
  3. Next your OrdersToECommerce task, click on/off.
  4. In QB, change the memo field on the order.
  5. Run the web connector.
  6. Email us.
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