Orders to QB Fail to Sync

Do the orders exist in the order management solution?

If you're using ShipWorks or ShipStation, you have to import the orders from your sales channels. Confirm that they exist prior to the sync.

Failure to Create Customers

We cannot match orders to existing vendors or employees in QuickBooks. If you're testing, use a name like Jane Smith. If you check your log, you'll see this error:

While trying to Add a(n) SalesReceipt with key value of 61905, QB responded There is an invalid reference to QuickBooks Customer "Aullas, Kaan" in the SalesReceipt.

Go to the Connex configure page. Change the customer mapping to single name. You can put all orders under a single customer called web store.

Overlapping Numbers

If you have two Shopify stores and they each start at order 1000, the numbers will eventually overlap. Here are the steps to diagnose:

  1. Find out what order numbers are missing. 
  2. Login to Connex for QuickBooks.
  3. Hover over the gear and click log.
  4. Clear the log.
  5. In Connex, click my connections.
  6. Select your connection and click submit, if you're not automatically directed.
  7. On the Connex configure page, click the order export to QB tab.
  8. In the order list field, enter a comma separated list of numbers: 
  9. Click submit.
  10. Run the web connector.
  11. Return to the Connex log.
  12. Look for orders whose name does not match but the number does.

If the order was placed on April 1st, then you should see no February dates:

Sales Receipt SS-13106 under David Testa placed on 2/15/2016 has successfully synced with QuickBooks.

Overlapping Number Solution

On the Connex configure page > order export to QB tab, enter an order prefix. You could also use the next number from QB, which puts the original order number in the memo field. Go to the advanced tab and check off use QB numbering.

Order Timezone

Different ordering solutions use different time zones. Therefore, an order that appears at 10:00 PM might actually say 2 am in the database. We recommend using a larger date range. Here are the steps to pull in missing orders:

  1. On the Connex configure page, scroll down to export settings.
  2. Adjust the export after to 24 hours before the order appears in your solution.
  3. Adjust the export before option to 24 hours after the order appears.
  4. Click submit.
  5. Run the web connector.
  6. Check the log.

Order Status

If you're exporting shipped orders and the order is awaiting payment, then it will not appear until the status changes. Connex exports orders as soon as they are created, so you must have specified a status to override this behavior. Here are the steps to resolve this issue:

  1. On the Connex configure page, go to the order export to QB tab.
  2. In the order status field, add an extra status.
  3. You could also change the order status in your ordering solution to one of the statuses specified.


If you login to QB as a user without full access, then our software will fail to create orders. Only a user with full access can create customers and items in QB. Log out of QB and login again as admin. Set your sync dates back. Run the web connector. You will see error messages like this:

Error 3260 : While trying to Add a(n) ShipMethod with key value of Std Cont US Str, QB responded Insufficient permission level to perform this action. For more info, see http://support.connexforquickbooks.com/hc/en-us/articles/206095018



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