How do I reexport orders by number?

How do I create a comma separated list?

If you enter a comma separated list of numbers, Connex will reexport only those orders:

  1. Obtain an excel sheet of missing order numbers.
  2. Copy the order number column in Excel.
  3. Open Word.
  4. "Paste special" as text only.
  5. Select the data in Word (the one that you need to convert to text separated with ,), press Ctrl-H (Find & replace)
  6. In "Find what" box type ^p
  7. In "Replace with" box type a comma.
  8. Select "Replace all"


You must enter these values into Connex:

  1. On the Connex configure page, click the order export to QB tab.
  2. In the order list field, copy paste the comma separated list of order numbers: 
  3. Click save and sync.
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