Inventory sync from QB to Website Failing

Here are the points of failure:

Is web connector running?

If the connector is running, you will see messages like this:


If you do not see this message, open QB. Go to File > Update Web Services. Ensure that auto run is checked on the web connector. In Connex, go to the inventory tab on the configure page. Ensure sync inventory from QB is checked.

Do SKUs and QB item name match?

If the connector is running and the task is processing, you'll see messages like this:

Updating inventory for these items has failed. If the item exists, please ensure that the QuickBooks item name and the product SKU are the same. SKU List: S4-ALI-NAV-XS,S4-JUL-TEA-L,S4-JUL-TUR-L,S4-RFW-PLU-S,S4-RPT-PLU-S,S5-ALI-BLA-S,S5-ALI-JAD-M,S5-BTB-JAD-S,S5-BTB-YEL-XS,S5-JSE-JAD-M

This means no SKU on the website matches the name field in QB.

Connex task has yet to run.

There is a fifteen minute delay in the sync. The web connector sends us the numbers and we process them 200 at a time every fifteen minutes. It takes about five minutes to process 200 updates.


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