Why does Connex create duplicate orders?


There are a few reasons why Connex creates duplicate orders. They include using the auto generated number from QB and changing the QB order number.

Next Number from QuickBooks

The auto generated number from QuickBooks is almost always different than the number from your ordering solution. Connex puts the order number in the QB memo field. No programmer can query QB by the memo field directly. Connex asks QuickBooks for all orders from a few days back, then matches the memo field and order number. The number of days are located under the Connex advanced tab. 

Here's how you would get a duplicate:

  1. On the bottom left of the QB order, you altered the memo field. Do not change this value.
  2. You resynced an order from a month ago, but you asked Connex to look at orders from three days ago. You can either not sync orders this old or adjust the number of days property. Connex can go up to two weeks back before the web connector would freeze. Connex is asking QB for all orders within a few days and if the query takes longer than two minutes, then the sync will fail.
  3. If you are exporting shipped orders and you open the order in your ordering solution, then Connex will reexport the order to QB. Try not to open orders more than the days property. 
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