For QB POS, why is my inventory failing to sync?

What are the points of failure?

Here are the points:

  • The web connector must be running for the sync to work. Confirm that your computer is on. In the Windows Start menu, enter Web Connector. Open it and ensure it's running.
  • For QB Point of Sale users, you must update items. You can adjust the quantity on hand or make a sales receipt. You cannot create a held receipt. It must be paid in full.
  • There is a fifteen to twenty minute delay. If you are syncing two hundred or more items, the delay could be closer to twenty minutes. The web connector sends us items. We hold them in our database and send them to Shopify. You can check your log by hovering over the gear and clicking transaction log on Connex.
  • Most customers use the item number from QB POS as the SKU for their products. Make sure that the products have item numbers assigned.
  • The sync will update items from date of install forwards. Under the Connex configure page, click the inventory tab. You can set the dates back a week or so. To perform an initial sync, contact us.
  • Do not put your computer in sleep mode. The web connector will not run.
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