How can I pair QuickBooks on a remote server?


Connex supports QuickBooks on a local or remote install. Several companies, including RightNetworks and HarborCloud, offer QuickBooks hosted services. You should open a web browser on the server and navigate to Connex for QuickBooks to perform the set-up.

Does Connex work with multi-user mode?

Yes, our tool supports multi-user mode.

Do you support hosted QuickBooks?

Yes, we support QuickBooks on local and remote machines. Connex requires no desktop app to install. The software gives users a small text file, which they use to pair QB and our app. QB has a tool called the web connector, which moves data between our site and QuickBooks .

In some cases, such as Citrix Receiver, you cannot login to the machine directly. Contact technical support at your QuickBooks hosting provider. They can pair QuickBooks and our software, so you can proceed with the set-up.

Can the web connector run automatically?

The web connector can run automatically, however, these scenarios will prevent the automatic sync:

  1. Many remote desktops log the user off, after several minutes of inactivity. Once the user has been logged off, the web connector will fail to sync. Once the user logs in again, the connector will resume syncing. If your user only logs in once a day and you need to sync hourly, you should pair QB on a local machine.
  2. You cannot use QuickBooks live bank feeds. That will cause the web connector to prompt the user, before syncing.
  3. You cannot login as Admin to QB on your local machine and ask the web connector to login as Admin, during the pairing process. The web connector would need its own user name with admin privileges.

For instructions on running the connector automatically, read this article. To ensure the software works after rebooting, read this article.

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