How do I test inventory updates from QB POS to my website?


Connex pulls items by their modified date. Making a change to an item will cause it to sync with your website. You must update a product in QB, run the connector, view it in your queue, then run the task.

Update QB Product

Here are the steps:

  1. In QB POS, go to inventory > item list.
  2. Double click a product.
  3. In the comments field, add "test". This will update the item.
  4. Click save. To see an example of this update, click here.
  5. Go back to the product and remove the comment. 
  6. Click save.
  7. In your Windows search bar, enter Web Connector.
  8. Select the box next to Connex and click update selected.

Check Queue

Connex will put the product in the queue:

  1. Login to Connex for QuickBooks.
  2. Select a connection at the My Connections page.
  3. Select the Settings drop-down menu next to the gear icon.
  4. Select the Reports link -> Pending Inventory.
  5. You will see the item in the queue: 

Check Transaction Log

In Connex, click the Settings drop-down menu, then Transaction log.  You will see inventory items syncing.

If I create a sales receipt in QB, will that send the quantity update to my website?

If you create a sales receipt on hold, then no inventory changes. Therefore, no updates will be sent. The sales receipt must be paid. Click the green button that says save:

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