Missing Payments


There are many reasons why payments fail to sync. Many orders are unpaid, the web connector could be failing, or the invoice has a lower balance than the payment.

Are there payments to sync?

Go to the advanced tab of Connex. If you have import orders in bulk checked, you can see what payments are about to sync to QB:

  1. Login to Connex.
  2. Click submit at my connections.
  3. Change your sync dates.
  4. Wait about 5 - 10 minutes.
  5. Go to account > pending transactions.
  6. On the right, enter payment in the payment column filter: 

Web Connector and User Login as Admin

If you check your log, you will see this message:

There was a problem opening QuickBooks.

The web connector logs into QB as Admin. If you log in as Admin on another machine, then the sync will fail. Connex will retry the payments, but we have seen instances where syncing payments has failed. You can set-up the sync on a local machine:

  1. Open the web connector on the machine you are pairing.
  2. Disable auto-sync.
  3. Login to Connex for QuickBooks.
  4. Click submit at my connections.
  5. On the left of the configure page, click download QWC.
  6. Pair the connector on the machine where the user logs in as Admin. 
  7. Rerun the same orders.

Customer Name

If QB says the customer is John Smith, but you're trying to match Smith John, then the payment sync will fail. Both the payment on the order and the customer name in QB must match. Your log will say something like this:

Object XX specified in the request cannot be found.

On the Connex configure page, make sure you choose the right customer matching. If you chose last name, first name and your customers are first name last name, change the drop down.

Grouped Products

If you check your log, it will see this message:

Order 1 has a total of $23. The payment has a total of $59. 

If your product SKU matches a grouped item in QuickBooks and the order total is different than the grouped product total, there will be a mismatch. Connex cannot override the total price of a grouped item in QB, so giving away an item discount will cause a payment sync failure. 

If you resync the order, Connex will apply a payment equal to the balance on the invoice.

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