How do I pair Volocommerce?

  1. On the Connex my connections page, choose Volocommerce.
  2. In Volocommerce, click the maintenance tab. 
  3. Click API access. If you do not see it, then contact Volocommerce and have them turn it on: 
  4. Enter your API user name and password. A Volo Origin user with Manager Access can set the username and password for a new connection here: 
  5. In the domain field, enter your database name. It was provided to you during your account set-up. Please contact Volo Support, if required.
  6. Leave the URL as http://www.volocommerce.com.


How do I sync inventory from QB to Volo?

Please send us the warehouse name in Volo to send inventory. On the inventory tab of the Connex configure page, check sync inventory. Update some items in QB and run your web connector. The updates should sync within an hour. If you need a faster sync, contact us.

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