How can I sync inventory adjustments to QuickBooks?


There are two ways to sync inventory updates. You could sync orders and POs with bills to QB or create inventory adjustments.


You may only sync adjustments to inventory or assembly items. Connex will not create items. Connex will show this error if there is no matching item:

Item 358-BLK-12 is a non inventory part or it cannot be located in QB. Connex will remove it from syncing an inventory adjustment.

You must have QuickBooks Enterprise to sync inventory adjustments to QuickBooks. Other versions do not have the inventory adjustment feature:

Set-Up Connex

Here are the steps to set-up the sync:

  1. On the Connex configure page, click the inventory tab.
  2. Under the inventory adjustment section, enable inventory adjustments.
  3. Optionally, you can change the sync dates to catch up on adjustments: 
  4. Click submit.

Sample Transaction

Connex will adjust the quantity, so SKU Vault is always correct. Here is a sample transaction:

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