How do I map inventory assembly items to QB?


Connex can map bundles or kits to QB, if the product SKU and the QB name of an inventory assembly item match.

Can Connex create inventory assembly items in QB?

Not at this time. We can match the product SKU to the QB item name of an assembly item. We are working on adding assembly items automatically for a future release of Connex.

Can Connex bring over COGS?

Our software adds a single line item to the order, which matches the assembly item. QuickBooks will debit the COGS account and credit the asset account for the bill of materials. Since we almost never receive COGS, we recommend a mass import of assembly items into QB.

Can Connex build assemblies?

Under the advanced tab of Connex, scroll down and check build assemblies. Connex will build assemblies under these circumstances:

  1. The SKU in Bigcommerce matches an existing assembly.
  2. The inventory assembly's quantity on hand minus the total from the order is zero or less.
  3. You have enough raw materials.

What date does Connex use to build assemblies?

Connex uses the shipping date, if one is supplied. Otherwise, Connex uses the order date minus one day. To use the order date minus one day regardless of ship date, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Connex rules engine.
  2. Add this rule.

The rule removes the shipping date on all incoming sales. Connex defaults to the order creation date.

QuickBooks must have enough stock on the order's date to create the sale. Otherwise, you will get this error:

The transaction could not be saved because the quantity on hand of item Survival Kit would go negative to -1 on 2017-11-15. Please ensure that the products you are selling have inventory.


QuickBooks must have enough components to build the assembly. Make sure that the product SKU matches to an existing inventory assembly item.

Inventory Assembly Items

In this example, we created an inventory assembly item called fruit basket. It contains apples and oranges. As we sell more fruit baskets, QB debits the COGS account and credits the inventory asset account. QB decrements the quantity on hand of the fruit basket, the apples and oranges.

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