Why are orders missing from QB?


Orders can be missing from QB for many reasons. These include numver overlaps, the sync date range, QB errors, and data errors.


You could have old orders in QB that match new orders from your online store. Go to your Connex transaction log. In this example, Connex has found a duplicate transaction:

Transaction 106-2935127 already exists in QuickBooks under New Amazon Store placed on 12/18/2015 8:52:20 PM.

There are a few ways around this problem.

Order Prefix

You can add an order prefix to incoming orders:

  1. On the Connex configure page, click the order export tab.
  2. In the order prefix field, enter a prefix.
  3. Click save and sync.

Connex will add a prefix to all orders before they reach QB.

Use QB Numbering

Connex will use the next number from QB. Connex will place the original order in the memo field. For more details, see these instructions.

Shorter Date Range

When you run a manual sync, do two to three days at a time. Run the web connector. 

QB Errors

It is possible certain errors will prevent orders from syncing. They include the company file being closed, the computer being turned off, or modal dialogs open in QB. These steps should prevent these errors:

  1. Open QB and login as Admin.
  2. Ensure no dialog boxes asking you to click OK are open.
  3. Run your web connector.

Error Log

Connex has a transaction log that will describe errors. For more info, read these instructions.


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