How does Connex match products?


Connex will match the product SKU from your online store to the QuickBooks Item Name field. Although QuickBooks Desktop has a field called SKU, it is not used in any matching at this time.

How do you recommend matching products?

We highly recommend entering SKUs to all of your products n your store, regardless of them being inventory items. SKUs almost never change and they usually contain numbers or letters, which QuickBooks accepts as the name field. In the event that a product has no SKU in your online store, Connex will insert a SKU called unknown_do_not_delete into QuickBooks. If your product SKUs and QuickBooks item name field matches, then there is no manual matching you must perform. If you need to match SKUs and QB names manually, see this article.

Here is a product SKU from an online store:


Here is a matching item in QuickBooks:

What if I use parent child items? 

QuickBooks has two fields: name and full name. If your product SKU is hammer, Connex will locate the product if it's under a parent, like Tools:Hammer.

If hammer exists under two different parent items, then your SKU must be the parent:child.



Your SKU must be Tools:Hammer to match correctly.

Can Connex log errors and stop creating products, if orders are missing?

Yes, Connex can log errors and tell you to map products. For more details, read this guide.

Can Connex match the product title to the QuickBooks item name?

Product titles can change and many contain special characters, like trademark and copyright signs. These can cause sync errors because QuickBooks cannot accept them in the name field. Connex will strip many of these characters. Although we recommend against matching a product title to a QuickBooks name, it can be accomplished. Here are the steps:

  1. Login to Connex.
  2. Select the Settings drop-down menu and click Rules Engine.
  3. Click Add New Rule.
  4. Enter these values:


Can Connex Match Manufacturer Part Numbers?

Connex can match the manufacturer part number to your online store SKU. Under the Product Matching menu on the All Settings page, choose manufacturer part number under the Product Matching Field drop-down. 

How does Connex map to parent child items in QuickBooks?

QuickBooks items have two fields; item name and item full name. If the item is a child, then its full name is parent:child. If your product SKU is child, Connex will locate it under parent:child. It is unecessary to add the parent: before any website SKU. The only exception is your child is non-unique. Here is an example:



In this case, Connex would not know which product to choose. Connex would take Tools:Hammer because it was created before Tools:Hammers:Hammer.

Here is an example parent child product:

Here is how the full name appears in QB:

If QB had no Tools:Hammer, you would receive this error:

Error 3140 : While trying to Add a(n) Invoice with name or order number of SW105275, QB responded There is an invalid reference to QuickBooks Item "Tools:Hammer" in the Invoice line.


Connex cannot create items if there is a colon in the SKU. You may change your SKUs to use the child or add them to QuickBooks.

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