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You can sync products that you create in your online store to QuickBooks. By default, Connex will sync products associated with new orders. Our system has a special task to sync product updates and new products to QB, regardless of orders.


If you're seeking to import several hundred products, export your data into a spreadsheet. Go into QB > Lists > Item List > Excel and import a spreadsheet. This feed is ideal for a few hundred or so products.


Our system uses the income, inventory asset, and COGS account under the transaction tab > account area.

Supported Systems

These systems support the feed:

  • Bigcommerce
  • Channel Advisor
  • Infusionsoft
  • Magento
  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce

If your solution is not listed, please let us know. We will look into creating a feed for you.


On the My Connections page, click configure. Click the Product Feed section and enable the feed.

Our system will queue these updates in the background. Go to the account tab and click pending inventory to see the products. Our system will sync new products to QB, when you run the web connector.

Can you create products with colors or sizes?

Yes, Connex supports product variants. Connex groups by the item title:

ABC Shirt - Black Large
ABC Shirt - Green Medium
ABC Shirt - Green Small

Connex creates ABC shirt with a color and size attribute:

ABC Shirt
Size (Large, Medium, Small)
Colors (Black, Green)

Next, Connex creates a variant for all three products. 

Sync Dates

Underneath the enable button, you can change the dates of the sync. If you wanted to export products created several months ago, adjust the sync dates:


How does Connex prevent new products syncing to QuickBooks and back to my website?

When Connex creates new items, the stock quantity is zero in QuickBooks. If our tool added the stock, then the inventory would have no value. When the inventory is sold, QuickBooks records no inventory asset or COGS.

The problem with zero inventory in QuickBooks is Connex will wipe out inventory on the website. Here is a use case:

  1. Connex creates new product in QuickBooks.
  2. Product has been recently created, so it has been recently modified.
  3. Connex will sync the stock quantity of 0 back to the website.

Users will see a rule called product feed exclude inventory sync in their rules engine. It says if the product was newly created by the product feed, then do not sync it back to the website.

I use QuickBooks Point of Sale. Can I sync pictures?

Yes, Connex can sync pictures from your site to QB POS. You must enable pictures in QB POS and add pictures to your products. Here are the steps:

  1. In QB POS, go to file > preferences > company.
  2. On the left, click inventory.
  3. Check I want to associate pictures with my inventory items.
  4. Login to Connex.
  5. Click configure at my connections.
  6. At the configure page, click the inventory tab.
  7. Scroll down to product feed settings.
  8. Enable the sync pictures checkbox.

In your website, create a new product and add pictures. The pictures must use JPG format. Connex will find matching products in QB POS:

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