Inventory Sync Troubleshooting


There are several reasons why the inventory sync is failing. The most common is the QB name field fails to match your product SKU field. Another issue is the inventory in QB was updated prior to the sync times.

Name and SKU

The QB item name and product SKU must match. Many customers have products without SKUs, so our software cannot match them. To find the QB item name, follow these steps:

  1. Open QB.
  2. Go to lists > item list.
  3. The name field is on the left: 
  4. In your website, go to your product list and note the SKU field. 
  5. In this example, black shoes has no SKU. Therefore, our system cannot update it: 
  6. If you sell product variations, each variation has its own SKU. The parent product will have no SKU.

Product Updates

When Connex is set-up, it only syncs updates from the date of install going forwards. You can change the sync dates back 90 days to sync further back:  

  1. Login to Connex.
  2. Click Configure under your existing connection.
  3. On the All Settings page, click the Sync Inventory from QuickBooks Manually tab.
  4. Change the Exported Before and After timers up to 90 days ago.
  5. Click Sync Now.
  6. Run the web connector.

The system will queue the updates. Wait about thirty minutes and check the transaction log here:

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