Adobe Business Catalyst

You must enter your store user name, password, store URL, and store ID into Cloud Cart Connector. Here are the steps:


Your SSL must be enabled. Visit (replace MYSITE with your site minus www and the .com part) and ensure you see a blue and white page. If you see an error message, your SSL has been configured improperly.

Site ID

Here are the instructions for obtaining the site ID:

  1. Login to your website admin
  2. Go to site settings > api integration
  3. Make note of your site ID

Cloud Cart Connector

Here are the steps to enter your information:

  1. On the my connections page, enter your admin login as your user name
  2. Enter your admin password as your password.
  3. Enter your site ID in the 3rd box.
  4. Enter your website URL in the URL field. For example, where cloudcarttest is your subdomain
  5. Click the submit button
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