How does Connex check for duplicates?

Regular Number

If the order number in QB matches the order number coming in, Connex find the duplicate and skips it.

Next Number from QB

Connex adds the original order number in the memo field.

  1. Connex inserts the original order number in the memo field.
  2. From the Connex advanced tab, there is a box with a negative number. Connex checks for modified orders by subtracting that number from the current day. -1 represents a day ago.
  3. If a modified order has the original order in the memo field, Connex finds the duplicate and skips it.

Order Number Longer than Eleven Characters (Amazon, eBay)

If the order is longer than eleven characters, here is a detailed description of our duplicate system:

  1. The QuickBooks order number field can only hold eleven characters. Since the order numbers are about nineteen characters, the first eleven are inserted into the QuickBooks order number field. If you use an order prefix, then the order prefix plus the first nine characters are inserted into that field.
  2. Connex cannot query orders directly by the memo field (Select all orders where the memo field is X.)
  3. Connex queries orders by the order number field using the first eleven characters of the order number. Since it is possible to have two orders with the first eleven characters being the same, Connex can get two orders from QB.
  4. Each order has the memo field. Connex enumerates through the orders, finding a match with the full order number and the memo field. 

Here is a sample Amazon order.

I am performing a two way sync of orders, but I use the next number from QuickBooks. How does Connex find a match?

Connex will try these combinations:

  1. Do the first 11 characters of the QuickBooks order number match the first 11 characters of the order number? If so, does the order date and QuickBooks date match? 
  2. Is the original order number in the QuickBooks memo field?

In this example, either combination would work:


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