QuickBooks Point of Sale Set-Up Guide


This article describes how to set-up QuickBooks POS to work with Connex for QuickBooks. We support QB POS 10 and higher.


If you use POS V12, make sure you have upgraded to R10. There is an issue with R9 that causes problems with connecting SDK applications.

Web Connector

You must have the QuickBooks Web Connector. In your Windows start menu, go to File > QuickBooks. If the tool is missing, you can download it here. If your web connector says 2.2.071, you must uninstall it and install version by reading this guide.

QB POS SDK Runtime

You must download the QuickBooks POS 3 SDK Runtime.

QB POS Multi-User Mode

Go to file > switch to multi-user mode. Otherwise, you will see a blank box when you're asked to pair the web connector.

QB POS Sales Tax

You must prepare QuickBooks POS to accept outbound connections and sales tax: 

  1. In QB POS, go to File > Switch to Multi-User Mode.
  2. In QB POS, go to File > Preferences > Company > Sales Tax
  3. Add a location and click save: 

Set Up Web Connector

The web connector pings our site, which pings your store. The web connector will receive a text file of order data and transfer it into QuickBooks. You must download a special file to pair QuickBooks POS and Connex for QuickBooks. The text file contains your store login details and the location of our website. Here are the steps:

  1. After adding your connection on the My Connections page, proceed to Step 1 of the Wizard: What version of QuickBooks do you use? Choose QuickBooks Point of Sale.
  2. On the web connector, enter your Connex for QuickBooks password in the password field.
  3. Select auto-run and change the interval to 60.

Get Connection String

You must tell our software where your POS file is located:

  1. Select your company file from the server and copy the contents of the box:
  2. Click OK.
  3. The Connex for QuickBooks website has refreshed to the configure page.
  4. Enter your QB POS server, file name, and version:
  5. Click save and sync.


Here is a demo of the integration: QuickBooks POS


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