Creating P.O. has failed. Ensure that all the products in the purchase order exist in SKU Vault.


Connex cannot create products in SKU Vault from QuickBooks. Products on the QB order have no matching product in SKU Vault.


Go into SKU Vault and create products that are missing:

  1. Open the sale or PO in QB.
  2. The QuickBooks item name maps to the SKU Vault SKU: 
  3. Check if each item name exists in SKU Vault. In this case, let's check for Malky-A1-White: 
  4. Click products > add new product.
  5. Enter the QuickBooks item name as the SKU.


Now that the product exists, you can resync the order.

  1. In QB, go to the missing order.
  2. Make an update to the order, like changing the memo field, and click save. Any update to an order will cause our software to resync it.
  3. Run the web connector.
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