There Is No Matching Invoice for Payment


Our software will not create orders from payments, if no order exists in QB. You must sync the invoices and payments together. In this example, we will discuss Infusionsoft.

Example Scenario

Here is an example:

  1. On June 22, you created order 200.
  2. On July 10th, you received payment for order 200.
  3. Without syncing order 200 on June 22nd, you sync all invoices and payments for July 10th.
  4. Our software received a payment, however, there was no invoice in QuickBooks and no invoice coming from Infusionsoft. Our software cannot create a payment without a matching invoice, so it skips to the next payment. Our software will not create orders from payments, if no order exists in QB.

If you are using an order prefix, our software will match it exactly. IS-660 and 660 are two different orders.

Sync Invoices Again

You must collect a comma separated list of order ids and tell our software to sync them. Our software will query the invoice and each payment associated with the invoice. Here are the steps:

  1. At the my connections page, click submit.
  2. Under the order export tab, enter a comma separated list of Infusionsoft order ids. You may also use the highest and lowest order number fields: 
  3. Click save and sync.
  4. Wait about 15 - 20 minutes.
  5. Click the account tab > pending transactions link.
  6. You will see some orders and payments to download: 
  7. Run the web connector.

If our software matches the Infusionsoft order number to an order in QB, our software skips to the next order.

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