Sync Sales Orders and Purchase Orders to SKU Vault


You must enable the sync from QuickBooks. Each QuickBooks transaction needs a class called SKU Vault to sync.

Enable Sync

Here are the steps:

  1. On the Connex configure page, click the QB Export tab.
  2. Click the sync orders from QuickBooks box: 
  3. Adjust the dates to when you recently modified sales and purchase orders.

Add SKU Vault as Class

Open purchase orders or sales orders in QuickBooks. In the class field, choose SKU Vault. You may use a child class that contains SKU Vault or a parent class that contains the phrase SKU Vault:

Web Connector

In QuickBooks, go to File > Update Web Services. Check the box next to Connex and click update selected. The web connector will send a text file of each order to Connex, which stores the order in our database. In the background, Connex will insert these orders and log success and failure messages. Wait about fifteen to thirty minutes for the orders to sync.


Here is an online demo of the sync:


Example Transactions

Here is an example sales order from QuickBooks and from SKU Vault. Here is an example from purchase order from QuickBooks and SKU Vault.

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