The transaction could not be saved because the quantity on hand of item would go negative


Negative inventory will throw off your profit and loss and other reports. If an order reaches QB on February 1st, you must make sure you have inventory on February 1st to sell. If the error persists, QuickBooks has a setting to disable selling negative quantities. 

How do I troubleshoot negative inventory and avoid it?

When you create item receipts, date them before any orders. If the order is placed on February 23rd, date the item receipts February 22nd. This document describes the process.

Could new products cause this error?

If Connex is creating new items, then the item has zero stock. When the item is sold, the inventory goes negative and the order fails. Ensure that your QB item name and product SKU match. For more info, read this article. You can disable creating new products and Connex will alert you. Then, you can map the product to an existing item or fix it in your store. For more info, read this guide.

Disable Setting

Here are the steps to enable selling negative quantities:

  1. In QuickBooks, go to edit > preferences
  2. On the left, click items and inventory.
  3. Click company preferences.
  4. Ensure that don't allow negative quantities is unselected: 


Add Stock

You can create a PO in QuickBooks. Then, create a bill and receive inventory. 


Once you have changed the settings or added stock, rerun the orders.

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