There is an invalid reference to QuickBooks Item

Error Message

Since QuickBooks cannot find or create an item in QuickBooks, importing the order will fail. Here is an example error message:

Error 3140 : While trying to Add a(n) Invoice with key value of IS-709, QB responded There is an invalid reference to QuickBooks Item "10w3v3-8" in the Invoice line.  QuickBooks error message: Invalid argument.  The specified record does not exist in the list.

Solution 1

QuickBooks cannot accept special characters, like trademark or copyright signs, when it makes new products. Make sure that each product in the order exists in QuickBooks. If it does not, Connex tried to make it and failed. Remove the special characters and resync the transaction. 

Solution 2

Connex uses the accounts specified at the configure page to create new products. If these accounts have changed, creating items will fail.

If you have changed your chart of accounts in QuickBooks, you must update Connex for QuickBooks with the latest information.

  1. At the configure page of Connex for QuickBooks, scroll down to accounts settings.
  2. Click the green link where it says make changes to chart of accounts.
  3. Run the web connector.
  4. On Connex, click my connections.
  5. Click submit.
  6. On the configure page, scroll down to export settings.
  7. Adjust the dates of the sync to where you are missing orders.
  8. At the configure page, click save and sync.
  9. Run the web connector.
  10. Repeat these steps for each connection.
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