Getting Started with SKU Vault


Connex for QuickBooks can sync purchase orders, sales, and inventory adjustments to QuickBooks.


At the Connex for QuickBooks my connections page, enter your Sku Vault user name and password. Leave the URL as its default value. Click submit. 

Sync Sales and Purchases to QuickBooks

You can sync sales, purchases, or purchases with bills. At the configure page, choose the proper value from the purchase settings first drop down.

If you are creating bills and purchase orders, scroll down to purchase settings to adjust the default A/P and bill expense account:

The bills will contain the line items from the purchase order. To see an example bill in QuickBooks, click here.


SKU Vault does not support refunds at this time. Please connect our solution to your online store directly, if this is a requirement. Under the transaction tab of our software, select do not sync sales.

When does Connex sync sales and POs to QuickBooks?

On the Connex configure page, go to the order export tab. In the order status field, you'll see complete. You can clear the field to export open orders.

Inventory Adjustments

To sync inventory adjustments to QuickBooks, follow these steps:

  1. Import your product list from SKU Vault to QuickBooks. Your QB item name and SKU Vault SKU should match. The import will make the sync go faster, since our software will try to import unmatched products.
  2. On the Connex configure page, select an inventory asset account under the transaction tab's accounts section.
  3. Click the inventory tab.
  4. Click the sync inventory adjustments box.
  5. If you want to send the quantity available to QuickBooks, check the quantity available box. Otherwise, Connex will send the total quantity on hand to QuickBooks.
  6. Set the dates to sync inventory adjustments from SKU Vault.

Here is a diagram of the settings:

To see an example inventory adjustment, click here.


Here is a demo of the integration:


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