How do I use the next number from QuickBooks?


You can use the next available number in QuickBooks or the order number, from your order management solution, as the QuickBooks order number. The QuickBooks number is ideal if you manually enter order into QuickBooks. Our software will automatically add your store order number to the Quickbooks Memo Field.

Enable QuickBooks Numbering

Here are the steps:

  • At the configure page, click the Transaction tab.
  • Check the box for Use Next QuickBooks Number as Order Number: 

How does Connex find duplicates?

Connex inserts the order number into the Quickbooks memo field. Our tool will sort new orders by their creation date ascending. If the first order was April 10th and the last order was April 14th, Connex would make this query:

Select all Quickbooks orders where the order date is between April 9th and April 15th.

Cloud Cart would match your order number and the Quickbooks memo field. Connex makes the date range a day before and a day after to accommodate for time zones.

Next Available Number

The next number changes depending on the number of the last order. Here is an example:

  • SalesOrder 15330 under Wendy Lopez has successfully synced with QuickBooks. 4/5/2015 4:28:17 PM.
  • Someone enters 100005059 into QuickBooks. The next available number is now 100005060.
  • SalesOrder 100005060 under Jan Murphy has successfully synced with QuickBooks. 4/6/2015 1:48:00 PM.

If you add an order and the number is 15330, then the next number will be 15331.

What if my original order numbers overlap?

You can program Connex to add an order prefix, based on the store name. Here is the scenario:

You have two eBay stores with an overlapping number. Login to Connex for QuickBooks. Click the gear box and click rules engine. Click add new rule.Add this rule.

Please change the store name to your store name in your connection. Connex will add a prefix to these orders:

Connex will determine that 46940 and GP-46940 are two different orders.

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