Guided Install


We can assist you with your initial set-up. Please have QuickBooks and your connection ready to go. With the GoToMeeting, give us keyboard and mouse control.

Get Ready

So we can perform a live set-up and demo, please have these systems ready:

  • Open QuickBooks and login as an admin, in single-user mode.
  • Ensure there are no open dialogue boxes open in QuickBooks.  In other words, is QB waiting for you to say "OK" in a dialogue box on the screen.  
  • Login to your website as an administrator.
  • If QuickBooks exists on remote desktop or Right Networks, open the remote machine and log into QuickBooks. Minimize this screen.
  • Register for a Connex for QuickBooks account. Leave the browser open at the my connections page.
  • If you are a ShipWorks customer, open the software and set-up a store. Make sure there are some orders to send to us.
  • If you are a ShipStation customer, log into your account. Click the gear on the top right and API settings. Click the green button and obtain your API keys.


We will switch the screen over to you. Please enable keyboard and mouse control for the group. You can also minimize the GoToMeeting by pressing the arrow keys:

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