Match Customers by Name and Email


If you are adding customers by name, you can have two customers with the same name. There could be two customers called Joe Smith. QuickBooks can only handle one Joe Smith.

Solution 1

In your order management solution, place a number after the last name. This will cause our system to create a new customer or match to an existing record in QuickBooks: Joe Smith1.

Solution 2

Connex for QuickBooks can match the name and email in QuickBooks. If only the name matches, Connex will place the order underneath Web Store:

From there, you can click the customer drop down on the order and change the customer record:

The order details and address will remain intact, even though the order exists under another customer.


You must adjust the customer name email setting on the configure page:

  1. On the configure page, click the advanced tab.
  2. Under customer settings, check match customer name and email: 
  3. Click save and sync.
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