How do I match U.S. sales tax codes?


Connex for QuickBooks can add tax as a line item or add tax using a tax code. Connex supports QuickBooks Canada and the UK. You must add tax codes for each region or country where you charge tax.

Enable Sales Tax

You must enable sales tax in QB, even if your company charges no tax.

  1. In QuickBooks, go to edit > preferences.
  2. Click Sales Tax.
  3. Click yes on do you charge sales tax.
  4. Add a default tax agency: 
  5. When asked to make items and customers taxable, click OK.

Can I override the default sales tax code of non or tax?

Yes, you can create rules to compare tax and apply a tax code. You may also use the tax code from QB. For more details, read this article.

Can I match tax codes by city, county, or state to QuickBooks?

Connex for QuickBooks can map QuickBooks tax codes to orders. To map tax by city or county, click the link above the map sales tax form. To upload a spreadsheet of tax codes, click the link above the grid on the sales tax page.

To map a single code for an entire state, follow these steps:

  1. At the configure page, uncheck add tax as a line item.
  2. Click save and sync.
  3. On the left, click sales tax.
  4. Click add new tax code.
  5. Complete the form: 

Does Connex support sales tax groups?

Yes, when you set-up our software click sales tax on the left hand side of the configure page. Click add new code. You will see the grouped codes available. In this example, we will match all orders shipping to Los Angeles to a grouped code.  For information on how to create a group tax code in QB see this article:

Group Sales Tax Item in QuickBooks

Here is the grouped code in QB:


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