QuickBooks Cloud

Do you support QuickBooks in the cloud?

Yes, QuickBooks in the cloud is the same as QuickBooks Desktop. The QuickBooks file resides on another computer, but it's still QuickBooks.

Do you have a contact at Right Networks?

Vic Velez
Inside Sales Representative | 603-324-0481 | Vvelez@rightnetworks.com
14 Hampshire Drive • Hudson, NH 03051
T: 888.41.RIGHT • F: 603-324-0497
W: www.rightnetworks.com

How do I set-up the integration?

The steps are the same as the regular QuickBooks. You'll need to transfer a text file to the remote machine if you're using Right Networks. Here are the steps:

  1. Save the QWC file onto the desktop of downloads folder of your computer.
  2. Open the Right Networks file uploader.
  3. Click the blue up arrow.
  4. Upload the QWC file to the desktop: 
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