How do I find orders that Connex synced to QB POS?

Where does Connex place the order number?

Sales receipts use an auto-generated number, so you will not find your order number in there. Connex will add the order number to the order comments field. Here is an example:


How do I search?

In QB POS, the comments field is searchable. In QB, go to point of sale and click sales history. Type in part of your order number. It will appear in the list:


In the example order, you see the name of the e-commerce solution (we used Mock for testing) and the order number. On the Connex advanced tab, check add order number as line item to make this appear.

What if my numbers are small?

If your order number is 123 and you search for 123, you will see several orders. You can apply a prefix to orders, before they sync. On the Connex configure page, click the second tab. In the order prefix, enter WEB. When you search for WEB123, you will only see that order.

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