What fields from QuickBooks can I match to my product SKU?


Out of box, Connex matches the product SKU from your website to the QuickBooks item name. Using our rules engine, you can match the QuickBooks full name, manufacturer part number or a custom field from QuickBooks.

How do I map a product custom field or manufacturer part number from QuickBooks?

Our set-up wizard will prompt you for the field to match:


At the end of the set-up wizard, visit our rules engine. You will see rules mapping the fields.

How do I map the product full name?

Connex matches the product SKU on your site to the name field in QB. If the SKU is TP-1 and the product name in QB is COMBAT CORNER:TRAINING EQUIPMENT:Pro Thai Pads, then you must create a mapping:

  1. Login to Connex for QuickBooks.
  2. Hover over the gear box and click rules engine.
  3. If your products in QB are parent child relationships, like COMBAT CORNER:TRAINING EQUIPMENT:Pro Thai Pads, then you must add this rule. This tells Connex to send the full name instead of Pro Thai Pads.
  4. Click bulk upload rules.
  5. Adjust this spreadsheet to create the mappings.
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