How do I set-up a two way sync of ShipWorks?


If you want to sync sales receipts to Connex and invoices in the other direction, you need two connections. Sales receipt one and invoice one are two different orders.


Read this guide on setting up custom actions with ShipWorks.

What are the business requirements?

Here are the business requirements:

  1. Sync invoices from QB to ShipWorks.
  2. When order ships, send tracking number and shipping cost to QB.
  3. Sync Amazon orders from ShipWorks as sales receipts. 

How do I set-up Connex for a second connection?

Login into Connex. At my connections, click the copy connection. Call it shipworks-sr. Pair the web connector and complete the settings: 

How do I filter orders?

When we created custom actions for ShipWorks, we added no filter. This means orders will export regardless of selling channel in ShipWorks. In this example, we right clicked the filters area of ShipWorks and added a filter called complete:

How do I set-up the custom action?

In ShipWorks, go to manage and click actions. Click new. Make an action like this:

The request URL is[ENTERCONNEXEMAIL]&website=[ENTERCONNEXWEBSITE]. The send request using is the filter. The website connects to an existing connection with Connex.

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