Can I stop syncing orders, if products are missing from QuickBooks?


Connex will create new products, if they are missing from QB. You can tell Connex to not sync the order and flag it as an error in your transaction log. When this happens, you will be given the opportunity to map the product to the correct item in QuickBooks, and then sync the order.

How do I set up this feature?

When you install Connex, there is a wizard step called 'Product Matching'. Under Missing Product Action, choose 'Flag order as error and map':


How do I use this tool?

1. Sync some orders to QB where products are missing in QB. In Connex, at the top right, click on Settings>Reports and click Product mapping. You will see a grid of products to map:

2. Click Edit. [You will need to upload a list of items from QB if its your first time using this tool. See Steps below] 

3. Use the autocomplete tool and start to type the product to match.  

4. Choose the Item

3. Click Resync orders


Check your transaction log for details. 


Steps to upload your QuickBooks item list:

Export QB Item List

Connex has an autocomplete box that will find the item in QB, when you type part of it's name. Although using this feature is optional, it is recommended. To set it up, here are the steps:

  1. Above the grid, click the link to upload products. A new tab will open in your browser.
  2. In QB, go to lists and click item list.
  3. Click excel on the bottom.
  4. Export all of the items.
  5. Open the spreadsheet.
  6. Go to file and click save as.
  7. Select CSV.
  8. Upload the sheet to Connex.
  9. Close the browser tab.
  10. Edit a row.
  11. Enter part of your product:

After I map the products, what happens?

Until you click resync, Connex will save no mappings. Once you are done, click resync. Connex will create rules, which map SKUs and QB items. To see rules, hover over the gear and click rules engine.

Connex will queue the missing orders. If you return to the settings page, expand the transactions tab, you will see a comma separated list in the order list field. Run your web connector.

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