This feature is not enabled or not available in this version of QuickBooks.


If certain QuickBooks features are off and Connex assigns a value, then you will receive this error. These settings and rules can be disabled and turned on one by one, until you find the root cause.

Change Settings

Transaction mode

Connex can detect whether your solution can sync sales orders. If sales orders are disabled in QuickBooks and you tell Connex to map orders to sales orders, you will receive this error. Login to Connex. Click configure. Expand the transaction area. Ensure the mode is sales receipts or invoices.


Expand the transaction area on the Connex configure page. Clear the class drop down.

Inventory Site and Bin

Connex can detect whether your system supports inventory sites and bins, during the set-up. Login to Connex. Click configure. Expand the inventory site area. Ensure the inventory site and bin are set to --select--. If you are sure inventory sites is enabled, you can select a value.


Login to Connex and click configure. Expand the advanced customer section. Ensure multi-currency is disabled.

Rules Engine

Login to Connex and go to the rules engine. Click the action button and click advanced rules engine. Search for ChangeOrderDetailInventorySite and ChangeOrderDetailInventorySiteLocation by entering them into the filter. Click map from. Click edit and disable each rule.

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