Can Connex automatically match deposits and orders?


Matching deposits and orders can take several hours. If orders are missing or the totals are incorrect, it would be difficult to determine the issue. Connex can find matching orders and log missing transactions.

Does it work with sales receipts and payments?

Yes, the tool reconciles payments or sales receipts.

How does it work?

Login to Connex and click configure at my connections. On the left of the configure page, click match deposits.

If you use PayPal or Stripe, Connex can automatically download the settlement report and match deposits. If you use another provider, you can upload a spreadsheet. It should contain a field called order number, which matches the number in QB. Here is an example spreadsheet. Here is an example form:


What is the end result?

Our tool will create a deposit, if it can find matching payments or sales receipts in QuickBooks. In this example, Connex matched a payment with refund and fees.

What if my refunds exceeded my sales?

If your merchant processor removes funds from your account, your deposit would be negative. QB allows no negative deposits. Connex can match the refunds and sales, then add a positive number to bring the deposit to zero. 

How do I see a list of deposits to sync?

Login to Connex. Click configure at my connections. Hover over the gear/Setting Menu and click Reports. Click pending deposits. Here is an example:


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