Does Connex support lot and bin numbers?


Connex can map values to the bin or lot fields, based off your QuickBooks item name. You must add rules or use a default bin. Then, contact us to upgrade your QB XML version to 12, which is a setting on your account.


Login to Connex and click configure. Under inventory site and bin mapping, choose an inventory site and a bin. You cannot assign a bin, unless you choose the parent inventory site. Here is an example:


How do the fields map?

We have two rules, which we mention below this paragraph. ChangeOrderDetailLotNumber maps to lot. ChangeOrderDetailInventorySiteLocation maps to the bin field.


What do the fields on the spreadsheet mean?

Here is a diagram:

Sheet Name Value Notes
Name Name of the rule, usually your lot number. Field is arbitrary.
ObjectType OrderDetail Leave as is.
Action ChangeOrderDetailLotNumber Tells Connex to map the lot number. Change to ChangeOrderDetailInventorySiteLocation to map the bin location.
Map From Enter your QB item name.  
Field Sku Leave as is.
Comparison Contains Leave as is. Says if the SKU is equal, case insensitive, or contains part of the phrase.
Map To Enter lot number of bin location.  

What if my bin is a warehouse within a site?

In the map to on the rules, enter INVENTORY SITE:BIN. An example would be Amazon FBA:Amazon Bin 1:


How do I add the rules?

Here are the steps:

  1. Login to Connex.
  2. Hover over the gear box and click rules engine.
  3. Click import rules on the left.
  4. Complete and upload this sheet.
  5. Click my connections and click submit.
  6. Under the inventory tab, select an inventory site. 
  7. Click submit.

Lot numbers and bin locations must exist under your inventory site in QuickBooks.


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