Insert Orders from QuickBooks into ShipWorks


Our system uses the ShipWorks generic module feature, which means QuickBooks is a custom store. Our system will pull invoices and sales receipts.


You must format the addresses with name, company, address and country. Here are more details.

Set-Up Custom Store

You must set-up a custom store by following these instructions:

  1. In ShipWorks, go to manage > stores > add.
  2. Choose generic module.
  3. For the user name and password fields, enter your Connex user name and password: 
  4. For the store URL, enter
  5. The system will fill in NA by default for all your store info. Change it with your information.

Although this demo uses QB Online, it works similar to the Connex for QuickBooks:

How do I sync an order from QB to Connex?

In this example, we will tell Connex to sync orders with a class of ShipWorks. Here are the steps:

  1. In QB, go to edit and click preferences.
  2. Under accounting, enable class tracking.
  3. In QB, create a new invoice or sales order.
  4. On the top, add ShipWorks as the class: 
  5. Save the order.
  6. Run your web connector.
  7. In ShipWorks, click download and select your QB store.
  8. You will see orders in ShipWorks.

Any order that you modify or create will be sent to Connex. You can easily change these dates on the QB export tab of our software:

If you want to send orders regardless of class or change the class, you can change the export options dropdown or class to sync:

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