How do I perform an initial sync of inventory to my website?


You can easily change the sync dates in Connex for an initial sync of inventory, if you have a small item list.

How do I send item updates to Connex?

Connex pulls items by their modified date. Any update to an item will cause it to sync with your website. Updates include stock changes, price updates, or changing the sales description.

How do I change the sync dates?

Connex syncs items one by one to your website. If you have several thousand items, we recommend performing an initial sync with a spreadsheet. Please contact your web developer regarding importing a spreadsheet of products and stock updates to your website.

If you have a couple hundred items, then you can pull them all by following these steps:

  1. Under the inventory tab of Connex, change the sync dates:  
  2. Click save and sync.
  3. Wait about ten - twenty minutes.
  4. Hover over the gear and check your log for activity.
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