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Infusionsoft has a workflow automation tool. It can follow up with customers by email and perform other tasks, if a customer has a special tag. Connex can apply tags to customers, based on them being in QuickBooks or based on what they have ordered.

How do I update existing contacts with tags?

Out of the box, Connex will add tags to new customers. To update existing customers, follow these steps:

  1. On the Connex configure page, click the QB export tab.
  2. Under customer settings, check update customer tags only: 
  3. Click save and sync.

How do I tag all contacts with QB?

If you want to tag any contact where the order came from QB, go to our rules engine. Click the link to turn on the advanced rules engine. Enter these values for the map to and these values for the map from.

How do I tag customers, based on what they have ordered?

Download the spreadsheet at the bottom of these instructions. Add a new row for each SKU and tag combination that you want to apply. Upload the rules:

  1. Login to Connex.
  2. Hover over the gear and click rules engine.
  3. Above the grid, click bulk upload.
  4. Upload the sheet.
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