Sync Orders from Connex Database


Many e-commerce solutions fail to respond in two minutes when pulling several orders. The web connector, the tool that runs the sync, expects a response in two minutes from our website with orders. Connex has a special tool to queue up orders, which responds within the two minute timeframe.

Download Historical Orders

If you are catching up on missing orders, consider writing a journal entry. For more info on best practices, see this knowledge base article.

Web Connector Error

When you run the web connector, it will say authentication has failed if the database tool has been disabled. When you click the blue link, it will say operation has timed out:

Enable Sync Orders from Connex Database

Here are the steps:

  1. Login to Connex.
  2. Select your connection, if you have more than one, and click submit.
  3. On the advanced tab of the configure page, click insert orders in bulk: 
  4. Click save and sync.

Default Solutions

For these solutions, the setting is enabled by default:

  1. Amazon
  2. eBay
  3. Infusionsoft
  4. Magento

Download Orders

To download orders, simply run a manual sync. In 15 - 30 minutes, you will see some activity in your pending transactions report.

Pending Transactions

To see pending transactions, follow these steps:

  1. Login to Connex for QuickBooks.
  2. At the my connections page, select a connection.
  3. Click submit.
  4. On the top menu, hover over the gear and click pending transactions.
  5. Click pending transactions.

Here is an example report:

Delete Pending Transactions

On the pending transactions report page, click the link to delete the pending orders. It's located above the pending transactions grid.

Sync Time

The amount of time to sync transactions depends on several factors:

  1. If you chose invoices and payments, the software will check for duplicate invoices and payments one by one. The software goes from Connex to QB for each invoice and payment. The operation takes about a second per order and payment to complete.
  2. The system matches the customer on each order to an order in QB.

If you had two hundred orders matching by LNFN with payments, there are six hundred requests. It would take about ten minutes to sync the orders.

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